Jose started his career at 12 years old training as a classical musician both as an orchestral musician and also as a soloist. At age 15 he discovered temporary music and decided to dedicate himself to this, principally pop and rock music. At 18 he went to study music, specifically jazz, in Argentina at the University of Comtemporary music in Buenos Aires where he gained a degree as a professional musician. Since then he has travelled to different countries with touring artists while always continuing to teach.

Jose has been teaching music for 12 years and has had many pupils some of whom now work as professional musicians. His experience with a wide range of students enables him to give dynamic and interesting classes to suit all. Jose has a genuine ability to simplify even advanced content for students, meaning that no matter what level or style you are studying with him, he makes it very easy! Combine that with his friendly and approachable personality and you have an amazing guitar tutor and someone we are very proud to have on board as a YGA tutor!


Jose’s home studio is beautifully equipped with everything you need to get the most from your guitar lessons. As well as a variety of guitars (acoustic and electric), Jose has a beautiful array of pedals, amps, other instruments and even a fully functioning recording studio! It’s a great place to learn!


If you’ve had lessons with Jose and want to give him a great review, please visit his Google+ page via the link below. There you can also find more information about Jose including performance videos and pictures.